Youth Hostel Prague

Klamovka Youth Hostel offers comfortable and affordable accommodations for students and young people on the move in a modern-equipped hostel located in the city center.



Cheap hostel for students Prague

At the Klamovka Youth Hostel, students, travelers and backpackers will find perfectly furnished rooms and suites.

Student accommodations allow you to order breakfast, lunch and dinner. Youth Hostel Klamovka is family owned and we guarantee cheap prices, cleanliness and a friendly staff.

Our youth hostel in Prague 5 has a great location, with easy access to the city center using public transportation. There are plenty of cheap local restaurants and pubs nearby with excellent Czech cuisine. As part of our accommodations we offer free Wi-Fi and free parking right outside the hostel.

At your request, we will arrange trips in Prague, sightseeing tours, boat rides and much more.



Student accommodation in Prague

Backpackers’ hostels and travelers’ hostels provide budget accommodations for students and other young people on the move. These hostels are also often used for cheap long-term accommodations, either as an alternative to campus accommodations or for tourists.
The main features of accommodations for students and backpacker’s accommodations:
  • Youth hostels are very cheap – prices at our youth hostel start at 8 EUR per night.
  • Casual, friendly environment.
  • Backpacker’s and youth hostels offer many opportunities to establish relationships with other students and people on the go.
  • Self-service kitchen and other amenities.


Youth hostels attract adventurous young people who are looking for fun and interesting things and do not require the level of care which is offered by more expensive hotels.