Guest House Prague 5

Klamovka Guesthouse is a pleasant, modern-equipped hostel and guest house near Prague’s city center. The guesthouse was established in 2002 and has recently undergone a complete refurbishment.


Klamovka Guest house in Prague

Klamovka Guesthouse offers accommodations at great prices, and is easily accessible by both car and public transportation. This makes Klamovka one of the most popular cheap guesthouses in Prague. Your choice of accommodations includes apartments with a private bathroom or rooms with shared facilities. You can also order just breakfast, or half board or full board accommodations.

Guesthouse Klamovka is a family owned business and we guarantee low prices and a friendly environment.

If you are arriving by car, you will appreciate the free parking directly in front of the hostel. We also provide free Wi-Fi for all hostel customers.

Upon your request, we gladly arrange trips in Prague, such as sightseeing tours, boat rides and much more for schools, businesses and groups.



Guest houses in Prague

Guest houses in Prague are usually smaller, often family-run properties. As with the guest house Klamovka, this type of accommodation usually includes an overnight stay offered with either full board or half board meal service. 

Prague guest houses have rooms comparable to hotels, but with a lower range of services and of course, lower prices. If you are looking for cheap, comfortable accommodations with good food in an easily accessible location, a guest house in the city center is the ideal choice.

Guest houses are popular with many people, including students and young people, couples seeking a romantic weekend for two, those seeking school accommodations, families, groups, and tourists who prefer an informal environment, social contact and low prices.

Guest houses are also an excellent option for long-term housing and corporate accommodations.