Prague Andel and Smichov

Finding accommodations in Prague's Andel is easy. There are many categories of accommodations including hotels, guest houses or in our hostel. 

Accommodation Andel Prague

Hostel Klamovka offers cheap accommodations in Prague close to Andel. The hostel is clean, modern-equipped, friendly and family owned. 

Finding accommodations in Prague’s Andel is highly advantageous. Andel is a neighborhood in Prague 5's central quarter of Smíchov, and is close to everything important in Prague, with easy access to the Prague historical center. You can find accommodations here for a reasonable price. 


Tourist points of interest

The Andel is just a few stops to Prague Castle or the Kinsky gardens, which is adjacent to Strahov.

The cable railway which is close to the tram stop near the Kinsky gardens will make the trip to Petrin Hill much easier.  From Petrin you can walk to Prague Castle and avoid much of the uphill tread, which is inevitable if you go to the castle from Lesser Town Square. You will also avoid the crowds and tourists, who have conquered the castle following usual route. :o)

If you are more interested in fun on the water, Vltava offers many attractions available within walking distance from Anděl.


Eating close to Anděl Prague 

Finding good food around Anděl is really simple. There are many brands of fast food restaurants, cozy Czech pubs, Italian pizzerias, luxury restaurants and several vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Anyone can eat well here.

A short walk from Anděl, you will also find the Czech brewery Staropramen. If you're lucky, they'll have just opened to the public and you can see how beer was once brewed and have a chance to taste the beer and see how it is brewed today.


About Anděl Neighborhood in Prague

Anděl is an important traffic center in Prague, and is also a significant commercial and cultural center in Prague’s Smíchov district, with a large number of cinemas and shopping centers.

The name Anděl means angel in the Czech language. Anděl acquired its name after a pub that was named after the statue of angel that stood in front of it. Pub “U Zlatého Anděla” was demolished in February 1980, as was replaced with Prague Metro's Line B  station and a great Florentine mosaic of Moscow's Red Square.


The Andel metro station is the closest station from the Hostel Klamovka. This is also the closest shopping center, with many cinemas, restaurants and accommodations of all types.