Accommodation Klamovka

If you plan to stay in Prague, try part of Prague 5 - Klamovka.

About Prague part Klamovka

Klamovka acquired its current name after the aristocratic family of Count Clam-Gallas, who sometime in the mid-18th century bought a rococo residence with a garden. This Clam-Gallas homestead is located in Prague's Smíchov, close to the Prague district Kosíře. Previously, there were vineyards founded by Czech King Charles IV (Václav IV).

The owners of this homestead transformed it and built a baroque villa, or mansion, with a mansard roof. They then planted trees around the mansion and created the present English park. The entry to Klamovka from Plzenska Street dates from 1752.

You will also find there a small church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Nanebevzetí Panny Marie), which was rebuilt from the original chapel in the same year, 1752. Above the church there is a gazebo that was built nearly a century after the church and served as an exhibition hall.

Today in this area you will find a Sokol organization gym, as well as the oldest tennis courts in the former Czechoslovakia. Residential houses were built in part of the garden, and the Klamovka club that caters to young people is located in the mansion Klamovka.